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Paintless Dent Repair is a difficult thing to learn. It takes several years to become truly proficient at removing dents and dings. Here are some examples of Bad P.D.R. Good P.D.R. should not be detectable once the repair is completed.
Butchered Crease!
This crease was attempted by a PDR technician that clearly needs more practice. Not only is the crease is still visible, but the “bumps” all over the crease are marks where the technician’s tool pushed too hard, and in the wrong spot.
Pimpled Ding
This is a small round dent that also was butchered by someone that has no idea what they were doing. Again, the lumps are places where the tool was pushed too hard, and stretched the metal beyond repair. This may have been completely repairable, but now mush be repainted in order to be repaired.
Don’t you just “Pop it out”?
Here is a dent that someone tried to fix by pounding it from the other side with a hammer…Cracked Paint, Lumpy Mess, and only one way to fix it now …Expensive Body Shop repair.
Swiss Cheese!
Here is an example of a PDR technician being lazy, and drilling multiple useless holes in the door of a customers truck. Ocassionally when dents are not otherwise accessible, a small hole may need to be drilled in order to fix the dent. This is always a last resort, and all holes are sealed and plugged properly to prevent rusting and improve the appearance. It is your vehicle, and you should be the one to decide if you prefer a professionally sealed plug inside your car, or a dent on the outside. We do not make this decision for you.
  • Shop for a service solely based on price!
  • Use someone who solicits your business in a parking lot.
  • Pay someone for ruining your car!
We are professionals, who stand behind our work! We guarantee your satisfaction, and strive to provide you with the best results at a competitive price!